Continuum Annual Meeting

In 2012 and after 20 years of pedagogical experience and analysis of multiple techniques and styles of movement, Omar Carrum (Dancer, Choreographer and Teacher) starts CONTINUUM.

Every year Master Carrum has an Encounter with his pupils, who in turn teach this technique worldwide. We were pleased to accompany them to document their event at their most recent week-long meeting.

Dancers observed their practice from a professional point of view and was analyzed by each member. Each one from their teaching trenches, in a rich exchange of artistic culture, and that we had the absolute pleasure of documenting from beginning to end.

This resulted in a collection of beautiful and amazing short videos used on social media for better promotion and awareness.

These video recordings will be used for the superior development of this discipline in the future.

If you plan to shoot, do it with Re-Conquest Films.




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