World Animal Protection

World Animal Protection is a global British-led NGO, which seeks to end animal suffering. They influence global decision-makers to make animals part of the global agenda.

They help the world see the importance these beings have for our lives and inspire people to change for the good of animal life.

Covering on several occasions both rescue programs as well as education of populations at risk, we have learned thanks to World Animal Protection the importance of caring for the animal and plant world for our own existence and survival.

Looking for the humanistic thread, and also natural logic of animal treatment in the different populations, for example in regions of Mexico and Colombia, as well as accompanying the WAP team to the Global Forum for the Reduction of Natural Disasters, we have helped the organization with its communications in an accurate way, for the best conviction and demonstration of these issues towards the rulers and leaders of the world, so that these important factors can be considered within the political agenda of their nations and the world.

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